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Los Cabos
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Like so many other Chilangos, as they call people who hail from the vivacious high-paced capital of Mexico, Mexico City. Gaspar moved to Cabo to break free from the stresses of city life. He was especially motivated to move due to his great love of the sea and the outdoors. Notwithstanding he realized the great opportunity Cabo´s booming luxury real estate market could offer someone with his international background and instinctive awareness in high-pressure sales.

His ability to engage with the right kind of people when commercializing a luxury product allowed him to assemble a highly successful sales team in the heart of Mexico´s city’s financial district, Santa Fe. His passion and attention to detail when striving to achieve customer satisfaction make him the right choice for any buyer or seller looking for expeditious results.

He grew up in a family of French origins who were constantly involved with history and the arts; this compelled him to want to experience the world. He studied abroad for most of his late teens and early twenties in places like the United States, China, French Canada, and Switzerland. His multicultural background and international education have given him a natural advantage to thrive in any social or business environment.

In his spare time, you can find him at the beach surfing or hiking with his Australian Shepherd, Bambam; camping throughout the Baja beaches and mountains, or having an early workout “sesh” in any of the many outdoor gyms in Cabo. Gaspar is a committed professional who can help you find the perfect lifestyle you´ve been searching for.

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